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Food services

Anyone who has ever visited a restaurant kitchen knows how rigorously the work is organized so that efficiency is synonymous with quality. Inspired by this proactive model, we opted for a simple, satisfying and customer-focused organizational structure.

Accompanied by a competent and passionate team, the managers make a point of being accessible and available, favoring a direct and efficient mode of management and communication.

Management team


excelso direction



Excelso Yvon Paré web

Yvon Paré

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Excelso Noëlla Paré web

Noëlla Paré

Purchasing manager



Excelso Sylvain Paré web

Sylvain Paré


Vice Presidents

Excelso Richard Paré web

Richard Paré

Vice President - Operations


Excelso Josée Paré web

Josée Paré

Vice President - Human Resources


Excelso Jean Pierre Paré web

Jean-Pierre Paré

Vice President - Distribution



Excelso Jean Sébastien Meilleur web

Jean-Sébastien Meilleur

Director of Development

Excelso Anna Girard web

Anna Girard

Accounting Director



Excelso Pamela Demers web

Pamela Demers

Specialist - Health and Safety

Excelso Caroline Tanguay web

Caroline Tanguay


Excelso • Food Services
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4975, rue Rideau - Suite 195
Quebec, Qc G2E 5H5 Canada

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