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Healthy eating commitment: target the best choices!

The Excelso Group is aware that a healthy and balanced diet for the exemplary health and well-being of its customers and employees is a must.

We have developed, over time, a nutrition program in collaboration with our nutritionist with the objective of a complete, balanced and accessible food offer.

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Based on fresh produce from local producers, our food offer preserves the taste and all the nutritional value of food as you deserve.
The quality and variety of foods combined with the nutritional analysis of products and recipes enable customers to achieve wellness goals for a healthy life.

Spot our Health Turn logo in all the services offered to maximize the best choices.

Taste the pleasure of healthy eating!


Gourmet commitment: more diversity

Institutional restoration is too often synonymous with industrial food. Committed to its authentic values ​​and since eating is a pleasure, Excelso has instead bet on freshness and taste.

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Environmental commitment and sustainable development: together, we make the difference!


Mission, vision, values


The Excelso sustainable development strategy combines social, environmental, human and economic commitment. Our approach to sustainable solutions is an extension of our policies and our values: good food, quality, hygiene and sanitation, health and safety, development of human resources, sound financial management and environment. Although this approach is integrated into each of the company's daily activities, it is reinforced by the full support and adhesion of our partners, which is equally applied and which requires us to apply best practices in terms of sustainable development.

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Recycling, composting and maximizing the reduction of pollutants are actions that are simply ecological common sense. In collaboration with our employees and our partners, we have learned and imposed these actions so that collective catering rhymes with collective responsibility.

At all stages of our processes, we apply the principles of:

  • Reduction at the source;
  • Reusing;
  • Recycling;
  • Valorization;
  • Disposal.


Investing in human development, supporting our community and committing to the environment means becoming a sustainable business!

Excelso, we build and innovate day after day around the values ​​that lead to success:

  • the well-being of our employees and the continuous development of their skills
  • the importance of local and responsible sourcing
  • support for our community
  • constant respect for our environment.


Social commitment: helping people, nurturing ideals

Excelso is proud to invest in its community by supporting causes that are important to its customers and employees.

We have also implemented a food donation program, which helps community organizations while fighting waste.


Your cause becomes our cause

Our customers know they can count on us when it comes to human solidarity. Our partnership becomes a key lever creating a winning synergy that contributes to the success of all events.


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