Leader in the food service industry, Excelso group offers you a team of experienced managers, nutritionists, chefs and food helpers who excel in their domain. The unequaled quality of our service is the result of these specialists' hard work. Enjoy the variety of services that we can offer you!

Healthy breakfast bar

Have a personalized breakfast with cereals, dairy products, healthy muffins and bread, fresh fruits and more.

Daily menus

Our cyclic menus are based on harmonization of traditional and exotic tastes and on healthy products. They can be accompanied by a soup and a dessert. The menus will be changed periodically based on seasonal products. Excelso group offers a variety of culinary options to meet the new trends and the needs of our customers. Usually, the cycle of menus starts over every eight weeks and two meals are offered everyday.

Pastries counter

Fresh pastries including various muffins (over fifteen varieties alternating), homemade puff pastries, gourmet cookies, buns, strudels, croissants, date squares, etc.

Salad bar

We offer a variety of high-quality, brightly coloured products. The salad bar overflows with freshness that will allow clientele to construct healthy, well-balanced meals. The selection includes, fresh vegetables, cheeses, nuts, marinades and many home-made dressings. On top of green salad and condiments are packaged salads such as tabbouleh, greek, carrot and raisin, pasta, vegetable and many more.

Pasta bar and sautés

The customers can create their own meal with their choice of pastas, sauces, vegetables and meats. Moreover, asian sautés follow the same concept and are very appreciated by our clientele.

International sandwich and subway counter

One can choose from a wide range of breads such as ciabbatta, panini, wrap, foccaccia or french baguette and garnish his or her sandwich with meat and vegetables.


Excelso group, for a team that makes a difference!



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