Together, we are THE DIFFERENCE

THE DIFFERENCE through 4 fundamental pillars:


1.  Human Resources and well-being at work

Investing in human development to become a sustainable business!

Family-owned company Excelso Group has become a leader in the field of food services through the support and dedication of its team.

Over the past 30 years, the Excelso Group has invested in a participatory management mode to allow for valorization, innovation and contribution of all employees.

Each employee takes the organization's success to heart. The versatility and dynamism of the latter provide the organization with a remarkable stability of its structure, while facilitating the growth of the company in the industry.

Sustainable partnerships established with our customers reflects the strength of our teams. The success and sustainability of our operations is above all a team effort!

Working for the Excelso team is equivalent to being part of a big family where listening, respect and mutual support are the basis of labor relations.


2.  Social business responsibility – Ongoing initiatives

Community support

Groupe Exclso is proud to implicate itself and give back to the community. Should it be through charitable institutions or as acting partner in our clients charities using fundraising events as well as beneficial diners (spaghetti event, Kilimanjaro, BBQ, international diners).


3.  Healthy eating and local procurement

Healthy eating

Groupe Excelso is aware that a healthy and balanced meal for an exemplary health and well-being is critical. Over the years, we have developed a nutritional program in collaboration with some of the best nutritionists and technicians available that offer a well-balanced, complete and easily accessible meal plan.

The quality and variety of products combined to the clear information of the evaluations recipes and menus of Group Excelso allow us to reach out to the values and habits of our consumers as well as the achievement of objectives towards a personal well-being.

Local suppliers and procurement

Groupe Excelso, over the years, has created a network of outstanding suppliers who share the same social values as us. Our business partnerships with local businesses assure us of an impeccable product, guaranteed freshness, well met supplying needs and very quick shipping all while helping the economic status of the region.


4.  Environement

The heart of our preoccupations!

Here at Group Excelso, each employee, director or operational frame follows the environmental norms.

 Respectful to a system of social and environmental values, Groupe Excelso establishes different ways to assure its positive contribution to the protection of the environment using internal and external actors (employees and our suppliers, partners, etc.).























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