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Food services

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New generation of cafeteria

Adapt the collective kitchen to new trends, a challenge that succeeds us!

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Healthy eating

At the heart of our priorities; variety, flavors and health!

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Sustainable development

Excelso, partner of choice!

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Social responsibility

Help people, nurture ideals!


Rest assured that our top priority is the health, safety, and well-being of our employees and customers.

Excelso has already instituted the highest standards of hygiene in its establishments. Our goal is to contribute to everyone’s well-being while offering the safest possible service to our customers, in full compliance with governmental directives issued on a daily basis. We make every effort to offer optimal solutions that meet our customers’ needs and realities.

All hygiene and sanitation measures related to food production, processing, and service are respected by our employees and suppliers and validated by our specialists. We remain on the lookout for any changes in the current situation and rigorously monitor updates and recommendations from Canadian health authorities.

We thank you for your trust and understanding during this time.

Excelso Team

A dynamic and tailor-made experience for companies

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More than a supplier, Excelso wants to be a true business partner who puts all its know-how and thirty years of history at the service of its customers.

A comforting and authentic experience for users

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On a daily basis, our dedicated teams strive to ensure that employees enjoy a relaxing moment in a friendly and pleasant place.

A rewarding experience for our employees

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Our team is an integral part of our success and your satisfaction. Their talent is to multiply by 100 or 1000 the art of cooking in the serving of each dish every day. Ours is to nurture their creativity and commitment.

Excelso • Food Services
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